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A few words of introduction:

The first thing the reader needs to understand is that this book is about the philosophy of business. Why we do what we do and therefore the implications for the organisation. It begins by understanding what you want from your organisation. Next it goes on to look at the organisation using a classical format of business planning. The process starts with strategy and moves onwards through the areas of marketing and information systems.

In the author's experience it is these areas that have the greatest impact on a business.  Although they often donít do anything day-to-day, they are very important influences about how other things are done. Beyond these it is not necessary to look at every department - there are so many variations in real life. However once you have understood the strategy, marketing aspects and technology enablers a lot of the rest is very easy to work out.

This book therefore moves on to issues of organisation design and control. These take the reader into the realms of communications and empowerment. Beyond that it looks at how the various components that have been identified should fit together.

Finally there are some chapters on things that can help to sustain it and a look at external influences that ought to be considered.

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Strategy : Interpretation
Defining the Compleat Biz