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  About the Author

Rob Wherrett was born and brought up in the city of York and went on to study life sciences at St. Andrews University.  He started his working career in the City of London and since then has worked throughout the UK with spells in the USA and Ireland.  Always looking to understand how to do things better he read for an MBA.  Subsequently he was invited to join the academic team on the programme because of his insights.  He is also a visiting lecturer at other institutions.

He was a senior executive with strategic vision and after a long time being at the heart of change across the business, public and not-for-profit sectors, he used his experiences to make the transition into consulting.  (He set up his company, Zymolysis, in the process.)  This has given him valuable insights into the ways organisations interrelate with their stakeholders and the environment.  He also has first-hand experience of many of the problems which plague those organisations that are trying to reinvent themselves.

The scope of his experience ranges from micro-businesses to multi-national corporations, in places as diverse as the Far East and rural communities in the remoter parts of the UK.  During the time he was writing The Compleat Biz he maintained active links with both central and devolved government and was active within the voluntary sector at national level.

Rob has always had an international outlook and beyond consulting he has also dealt hands-on with global trade.  In particular this involved clients in China and the Far East.  The venture (with a Chinese business partner) proved to be a great source of learning.  It was also an interesting cultural experience as East met West, starting at a time when the markets were opening up.  He continues to have many international connections - more recently in West Africa and Brazil - as well as retaining a large number of friends from South East Asia.

In 1996 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce.  Since then he has become actively involved in Public Policy Development aimed at improving civil society.

More recent still he has become an assessor for the international accreditation of management consultants within the UK.  In his own words “What better way to keep up to date with best practice?”

Building on these experiences he offers refreshing ideas on ways to develop organisations and how they should interact with the people in and around them.  Much of it is founded in behavioural science and building consensus.  This is linked with a solid understanding of innovation practice in the workplace.  Most importantly, all of it is illustrated with anecdotes from real life.

Outside the work environment he lists his interests as classical music, theatre, travel and the outdoors.

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